Ximena González’s journey in becoming a journalist and staying true to herself

When Ximena González spent most of her early 20s dedicated to architecture, she never imagined she’d become a journalist.

Born and raised in Nayarit, a state on the west coast of Mexico, González, 38, moved to Calgary in…

Cómo un barrio de Medellín superó la violencia y se convirtió en un punto internacional de arte urbano.

Para muchas personas, Colombia significa guerrillas, violencia y narcotraficantes.

Las series de televisión como Narcos sólo ayudan a perpetuar este estereotipo.

Sin embargo, lo que se ve en la televisión está en…

How one Colombian neighbourhood overcame violence to become an international urban art spot.

Operation Orion Mural by John Alexander Serna, “Chota 13” at the Comuna 13 in Medellin, Colombia. Photo by the author.

For many North Americans, Colombia has a bad reputation: gangs, violence, druglords, you name it. Television shows like Narcos don’t do it any help.

However, the Colombia depicted on TV is in the past. …

Photos by Alice Pasqual from Unsplash and Anna Shvets from Pexels. Graphic by the author.

You were tricked into thinking it’s bad.

Growing up, I often heard the women in my life complain about having cellulite or orange skin, as magazines and advertisements call it.

They talked about how they despised the so-called imperfection and avoided wearing shorts or dresses above the knee to hide it.

When I was thirteen years old…

Andrea Juárez

Story teller & dessert lover. Born and raised in the Mexican sun, now living Canada’s roughest winters.

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